At Spectrum FMS, we offer a diverse comprehensive range of services, tailored to the needs of our clients. Together we are focused on a practical cost efficient solution to all aspects of preventative & planned maintenance including,

24/7 Responce.


Spectrum FMS only employ highly skilled, mobile teams of mechanical and electrical service engineers that are fully qualified to offer a bespoke, one to one, extensive services.

All Engineers are required to wear there identification badge on site, to ensure our clients are at ease and with excellent communication skills, it ables us, as a business, to understand the needs of a client giving an outstanding service, whilst monitoring/reducing costs.


Some Services:

-  Boilers & Blown Burners

-  Water Chillers Including Free Cooling

-  Air-Conditioning & Split Systems

-  VRV Air - Conditioning Systems

-  VAV Air - Conditioning Systems

- Air Handling Units

- Heat Recovery Units

-  Building Management Control Systems

-  Closed Circuit Television Systems

-  Fire Alarm Systems including Refuge

-  Hydraulic Pumps (All Types)

-  Water Treatment

- Air, Ground  Heat Pump Systems

- Dilapidation & Life Expectancy Reports


And more services to list


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Tel: 01452 582222